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Welcome to the

Blockchain Boys Club

Did you catch the early crypto investing days of the ICO craze in 2017, the De-Fi trends of 2019, the early NFT market of 2020?

For what is quickly becoming a universe of an industry, it feels like there’s too much going on for any one person to pay attention to everything happening in it. New projects, new partnerships, new opportunities every month, how do you stay on top of all of it?

And that’s what the Blockchain Boys Club is. A community for founders, developers, and investors to discover new projects, stay on top of blockchain trends, discover investment opportunities, and get quality trading signals.

It’s a community where blockchain buffs can come together to share information with one another so that we all benefit, together. We’re creating the greatest and most powerful community in the blockchain space.

P.S. Girls are welcome.

the greatest community in blockchain

introducing The BCBoys NFT

The Blockchain Boys Club is a value-first NFT collection of 5,555 unique art pieces called BCBoys. Created using 243 unique attributes on the ERC-721 blockchain. Your BCBoy is your key to access ‘The Terminal’, member-only perks, and exclusive membership in the club.

complete transparency | Fair distribution

As stated on our ERC-721 contract, every BCBoy NFT is going to be sold at a price of 0.065 ETH. 2,000 BCBoys will be reserved for presale members who whitelist in advance, the rest will be made available afterwards in the public sale (200 are reserved for promotions/giveaways).

public sale now open

0.065 eth mint price

The public sale is a first come first serve so make sure to grab your BCBoys whilst they last

mint now
holders earn exclusive

⟡ members-Only Benefits ⟡

access to ‘the terminal’ 

A community messaging/sharing area where you can get on-demand, realtime trading signals, investment opportunities for cryptos and stocks from professional traders and investors.

access to liquidiation grant

The creation of a $50,000 liquidation fund for bailing out fallen brothers. Any proof of a margin liquidation are voted on in the community to help bail them out.

Access to exclusive merchandise

Merchandise will be available to general public, but limited edition pieces will be kept for BCBoys holders.100% of profits generated goes back into the project.

access to next gen nfts

By owning a BCBoys NFT, you are guaranteed an 1:1 NFT from our sister collection when it’s created. This ensures you will be given a single NFT from our future collection of 10,000.

access to podcast ownership

We are looking to create the funniest, most prominent crypto podcast in the world. Owning an NFT gives you direct ownership of a portion of the podcast. 100% of revenue generated goes back into the project.

Access to Community investment Pool

$100,000 community trading and investment pool will be established and used to generate additional revenue for the BCBoys. All the profits are kept in a central fund for the community to use. For us, by us – together.

learn more on discord
We’re here to build something great

⟡ the roadmap ⟡


A few of our earliest members and supporters will receive BCBoys NFT airdrop. We also begin creating ‘The Terminal’ – a community portal for receiving trading signals and notifications of investment opportunities in the blockchain/crypto/NFT space. All presale funds are put towards building the community and developing the project.


Launch of the $50,000 YOLO liquidation grant dedicated to reimbursing fallen members of the Blockchain Boys Club. The fund will be used to reimburse members whom have lost money through BS margins calls, all-in bets that went rogue, and those YOLO moments that didn’t pan out! We will also purchase our first piece of land in the Metaverse.


We begin work creating the ‘Traders Gone Wild’ podcast dedicated to straight up crazy trading stories and those OH FU*KK moments that not even your wife knows about. 100% of profits from the podcast are used for growing the community and project. Additionally, a $30,000 donation fund will be established for people with gambling and trading addictions. We collectively vote on which charities we donate to.


A $100,000 community trading and investment pool will be established and used to generate additional revenue for the Blockchain Boys Club. We invest in ambitious and innovative projects, along with other sensible investments (decisions are made through community voting). All the profits are kept in a central fund for the community to use.


We launch our own lottery that gives one lucky BCBoy NFT holder a $500 cash prize. One winner is selected every week. Owning a BCBoy NFT means you are automatically entered into every lottery. We begin adding limited edition VIP merchandise pieces to the merchandise store. These pieces are available to BCBoy NFT holders only. 100% of profits from the merchandise are used for growing the community.


Upon completing the sellout of all designated presale + public sale BCBoy NFTs, we will be giving one lucky NFT holder either a Tesla (for US and EU holders), or $30,000 (international holders). Additionally, we will offer a buyback program to buyback any BCBoy NFT at mint price (0.08ETH) to ensure price stability. Oh, and then there’s phase 2…

all bcboy nft holders are guaranteed a

⟡ Phase 2 nft 

Each BCBoy NFT holder will get a 1:1 of our next gen NFT, guaranteed. We’ll be creating our next gen NFTs following the completion of our BCBoys collection. 

join us on discord
join us on discord and get access to

⟡ Additional Community Benefit

Access to donation fund

We’ll be donating over $30,000 to either one or several gambling and trading addiction charities. We collectively vote and decide where and how this charitable money goes.

Access to weekly lottery

Every week a random NFT owner is chosen and gifted $500 to be used for trading. A leaderboard is created to mark each winner and their subsequent earnings.

Access to Final Giveaway

When BCBoys completes 100% of its presale and whitelist, we’ll be giving away a Tesla to one lucky winner. Simple as that. Owning a BCBoy means you are automatically entered into all lotteries.

join us on discord
let’s build something great together

The world’s funniest crypto podcast

We’re creating the world’s funniest, greatest crypto based podcast. Oh, and you’re a part owner of it by being a BCBoy NFT holder.

We’re talking hilarious YOLO trade stories, chronicles from people who have made it all and lost it all, and everything inbetween.

If you love crypto, you’re gonna love it.

The best merch out there

sick merch with selected pieces for members-only

We’ll be offereing a range of merchandise to generate additional revenue for the Blockchain Boys Club. Certain designs and color variations are going to be offered to members-only.

All members will be given 30% all purchases.

Additionally, early Discord members have the chance to earn free merchandise every day!

See what merch is out already
we’re planning on growing | apply today

⟡ the boys  


Marketing – Margin called 22 times and still continues to preach the value of buying the dip.


Community Manager – Rumor has it he sold a kidney to double down on some 20x leverages.


Business Development – Owns so many shitcoins hes practically the owner of all CMC coins on the 500-600 page.


Designer/Illustrator – Badass artist, coffee Taliban, and a straight-up awesome dude


Community Manager – Claims he’s colorblind to deny all the ‘red’ sitting in his account.


Developer – Programs his own cryptos and fills his wallet up to give the impression he knows what he’s doing

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hopefully these help


If you ever have a question that isn’t addressed here, be sure to join our Discord and ask us directly!

What is the bcboys nft?

The BCBoys NFT is a piece of digital artwork that doubles as your membership into the Blockchain Boys Club. Holding a BCBoy NFT means you have access to to all member-only benefits of being in the club.

The Blockchain Boys Club is looking to build a community of blockchain based founders, developers, and investors to discover new projects, stay on top of blockchain trends, discover investment opportunities, and get quality trading signals.

We created the Blockchain Boys Club as a way of bringing in the best, brightest, and most aware members of the blockchain space into one community. In doing this, we’ll be sharing valuable insights, information, and news with one another in hopes of us all collectively profiting. 

Are BCBoys just for guys?

Absolutely not. We welcome men, women, toddlers, animals, aliens, you name it.

What are the benefits of owning a BCBoy NFT?

As you know we are a community first, value based NFT meaning. We’ll be spoiling you and working to build something awesome.

  • Access to ‘The Terminal’: A space for private channels that include: trading signals and investment opportunities in the blockchain space 
  • Direct ownership of a percentage of the Blockchain Boys Club podcast
  • Access to the $50,000 YOLO liquidation fund
  • Automatic entry into $500 weekly lottery
  • Control of $100,000 community investment fund
  • Control of $30,000 donation to a charity that members choose
  • Automatic entry into the Lucky Draw for the Tesla Model 3
  • Access to exclusive merchandise
  • Guarantee mint of our next gen NFT with 1:1
  • Access to buyback program

How do I get my hands on one?

You’ll need to either A) whitelist for the presale where you’ll have exclusive access to mint a BCBoy NFT from our initial batch, or B) take your chances on the public sale. After that, you’ll need to purchase one off someone else on OpenSea.

What is the minting price for the BCBoys?

The minting price will be set at 0.065 ETH. This will be fixed for both the pre-sale and public sale. The Blockchain Boys Club membership access costs the same for everyone, including ourselves. We are all about fair distribution.

How many BCBoy NFTs will be available?

We will be creating a collection of 10,000 BCBoys NFT from a selection of over 243 traits.

Total Supply: 5,555

Pre-sale: 2,000

Public Sale: 3,255

Giveaways/Promotions: 300

When is the pre-sale?

The presale will start on 20th of November @7pm GMT.

How will the pre-sale work?

2,000 BCBoys NFT will be available for minting during pre-sale which will start on the 20th of November @ 7pm GMT and will go on for 3 days in order to prevent a gas war. Each address whitelisted will be able to mint a maximum of 3 BCBoys NFTs each, but the total number of NFTs in the presale will not exceed 2,000.

How do I qualify for the presale?

To be eligible to enter the pre-sale, you need to have reached level 5 on our discord channel. To reach level 5 on our discord you need to perform an action such as reacting or messaging in one of our channels or post. This includes posting some dank memes. This is to reward our earliest supporters and people who engage in the community with access to the presale.

For those of you who missed out on the presale, the public sale will be your next opportunity to mint a BCBoy NFT – but this will be open to everyone, so you’ll have to beat the crowd.

How do i enter the lotteries?

As a BCBoy NFT holder, you are automatically entered into both the weekly lotteries as well as the final Tesla giveaway. Good luck, diamond hands!

get updates on the presale and public sale

⟡ don’t miss any of the action ⟡

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